Get in touch#

We would love to hear from you with any feedback, comments, and for troubleshooting.

You can get in contact with the developers of OSB directly at, but for any query/issue which may be of interest to other users of the platform, please use the public channels below.

Report a bug / request a feature#

All Open Source Brain development happens openly on GitHub under the Open Source Brain organisation. Please follow the repositories there to keep up with OSB development.

You can also report any issues you run into on the issue trackers for


You can speak to the Open Source Brain community over its chat channels on Matrix/Element. Matrix’s Element application can be used in browsers and it can also be downloaded to most platforms, including mobile phones.

Mailing lists#

Please subscribe to the following (low volume) mailing lists:

If you have trouble with your account, the administrators are reachable at

Follow us on Twitter at @OSBTeam#

Please follow us on Twitter at @OSBTeam to keep up with updates also.