Collaborative Development of Data-Driven Models of Neural Systems

Collaborative Development of Data-Driven Models of Neural Systems#

September 18 - 21, 2016, Janelia Research Campus, Virginia, USA

Detailed computational models are critical for elucidating neuronal and network function. They enable different levels of description to be linked, a wide range of neurophysiological experiments to be interpreted and quantitative predictions to be made. These factors are important for understanding large-scale complex systems, like neural circuits; however, more extensive use and scaling up of these data driven models pose challenges in ensuring that models are scientifically rigorous, as well as accessible and usable by both theoretical and experimental researchers alike. This conference will bring together a range of experimentalists, theoreticians and neuroinformatics developers with the aim of facilitating a global, open infrastructure for collaborative model development in neuroscience.

More information on the conference, and details on how to register can be found here.