API for OSBv1


API for OSBv1#

An API for getting access to information contained in OSB projects has been developed.

See OpenSourceBrain/OSB_API.


This is based on the REST API which was developed for Redmine, the framework on which OSB is based.

An example of the data returned by this REST API for each project on OSB can be see here: http://www.opensourcebrain.org/projects/thalamocortical.xml.

Python API#

A Python module (osb) has been developed which uses this REST API and allows scripts to be developed which use the information retrieved about OSB projects.

A simple example of usage is shown below:

import osb

for project in osb.get_projects(min_curation_level="Low"):

    print "Project: %s has tags: %s" % (project.name, project.tags)

and more examples can be found here.