Interacting with GitHub

Interacting with GitHub#

GitHub is one of the main sources for code and data on OSBv2.

Any public GitHub repository can be used as the source of an OSB repository. For example, the main repository in the Guided tour of OSBv2 has its source on GitHub (GitHub repository, OSBv2 repository).

Note for GitHub based repositories and workspaces:

  • Currently only public GitHub repositories can be used as a source for OSBv2 repositories.

  • What is copied to a workspace when it is created from a GitHub repository is a snapshot of the repository contents, i.e. whatever is committed to the specified branch at that time.

Using git on workspace contents in JupyterLab#

When a workspace created from a GitHub based OSB repository is opened in JupyterLab (e.g. from the Guided tour OSBv2 showcase), you can use the git command line tool to investigate changes in your files from the version when the workspace was created, and pull any changes from the remote repository:

Interacting with a GitHub remote repo on JupyterLab

Fig. 6 Interacting with a GitHub remote repo on JupyterLab#