Getting started with OSB

Getting started with OSB#

There are currently two versions of OSB: OSBv1, and the new version that is under active development, OSBv2.

  • OSBv1 is a web platform for sharing, viewing, analysing, and simulating models standardized in the NeuroML 2 format from different brain regions and species. This is the version described in detail in Gleeson et al. 2019.

  • OSBv2 is a new integrated research platform that builds on the features of OSBv1. It aims to help neuroscientists close the loop between experimental data and data-driven computational/theoretical modelling. It integrates:

    in a powerful cloud based web application. Researchers can save their work on workspaces on OSBv2, and use it for their daily research.

Which version of OSB should I use?#

Please use OSBv1:

Please use OSBv2:

  • if you want to share, visualise, and analyse neuroscience data in standardised NWB format

  • if you want to create, simulate, and share computational models using the NetPyNE platform

  • if you want to create and share general Python based workflows using packages from the Python ecosystem (including NeuroML 2)

Since OSBv2 uses cloud based infrastructure, you can save your work and data on the provided cloud storage itself, and continue where you left off at a later time.

OSBv2 is under heavy development, and all features of OSBv1 will be migrated over to OSBv2 over time.