NWB Explorer#

NWB Explorer is a web application that can be used by scientists to read, visualise and explore the content of NWB:N 2 files.

NWB Explorer on OSBv2

Fig. 16 An instance of NWB Explorer is hosted on OSBv2.#

To be able to visualise multiple NWB files, create notebooks to analyse the data they contain, and save/share your work, you can open NWB Explorer as an application in OSBv2. You need to register/log in to do this.

Quick access to NWB Explorer#

While NWBE is integrated into OSBv2 and can be used as an application for opening workspaces containing NWB files, a standalone version of this application can be accessed (without logging in) at http://nwbexplorer.opensourcebrain.org.

This has links to number of example NWB files, and a URL to a publicly accessible NWB file can be entered to visualize its contents:

Main interface to NWB Explorer

Fig. 17 Main interface to NWB Explorer with example files and option to paste in a URL to an externally hosted NWB file.#