CNS*2018: Developing, standardising and sharing large scale cortical network models

CNS*2018: Developing, standardising and sharing large scale cortical network models#

A workshop at CNS 2018, Tues 17th July, Allen Institute, Seattle

A number of groups around the world are developing complex, experimentally constrained models of cortical function. Creating the software infrastructure to develop, simulate and share these types of models takes a significant amount of time for any of the groups involved and there can be a lot of overlap, duplication in work and repeated effort.

This workshop was organised to highlight some of the initiatives currently underway to build detailed cortical models as well as those projects building the infrastructure to make it easier to develop, disseminate and compare the models. Attendees of this workshop were provided with an overview of the state of the art in large scale cortical model development and the efforts underway to make these more accessible and reusable for other researchers.

This workshop was the first activity of the INCF Special Interest Group on Standardised Representations of Network Structures.

Organiser: Padraig Gleeson (University College London)


9:00 Sacha van Albada, Jülich Research Centre, Germany

Large scale model development from the NEST perspective (abstract)

9:30 Anton Arkhipov, Allen Institute, Seattle, USA and Eilif Muller, Blue Brain Project, Switzerland

Data-Driven Modeling of Brain Circuits and the SONATA Data Format (abstract)

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Salvador Dura-Bernal, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Development of large scale data-driven network models in NetPyNE, a high-level interface to NEURON

11:30 Padraig Gleeson, University College London, UK

Large scale cortical models in NeuroML format on Open Source Brain

12:00 Open Discussion: How best to move forward and what needs of the community are not being met? How can the SIG help in this respect?

Workshop Report#

A short report following the workshop, along with links to the presentations, can be found here.


For any enquiries about this workshop, please contact Padraig Gleeson (p.gleeson -at-