OSBv2 tutorial at CNS*2022 satellite tutorials

OSBv2 tutorial at CNS*2022 satellite tutorials#

A tutorial introducing the Open Source Brain v2 integrated web research platform will be held at the CNS*2022 satellite tutorials. Registration for the satellite tutorials is free, but required.

This tutorial is intended for members of the research community interested in learning the features of the new platform to enable them to use it for their work, and many of the satellite tutorial sessions.

Times and dates#

Target audience#

All users—the tutorial will introduce the platform to all users.


The tutorial be done online via Zoom.

Please register for the CNS*2022 satellite tutorials to receive the Zoom links.


We will go through the OSBv2 showcase to show users the various features of the new platform.

This will be a hands-on demonstration of the Guided tour of OSBv2, which users can follow along to, or complete after the tutorial.